Kevin Cellucci

Kevin Cellucci YSE '22
Yale school of the Environment, Master of Environmental Science, 2022

Kevin Cellucci is a first year in the Yale Masters of Environmental Science program ('22). His research focus while at Yale is to understand how financial tools and economic policy can provide people with access to affordable clean energy.

Prior to coming to Yale, Kevin was a credit analyst for S&P Global on the Latin American Sovereign and Multilateral Institutions team. He provided research insights into how the macro-economic, financial management, and policy decisions of governments in the LATAM region impacted their credit worthiness. Kevin also worked in the public infrastructure division of S&P Global analyzing the financial and operational management of public energy utilities. Within both of his roles at S&P, he specialized in green bond research and ESG ratings.

When Kevin is not researching renewable energy finance, he is most likely outdoors either hiking or exploring the city on his electric bike. He is also passionate about homebrewing, historical fiction novels, and podcasts.

Authored Articles
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