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So Cool It's Hot: Learn About Renewable Thermal Innovators in April

As most of us grow more intimate with the walls of our homes, the Renewable Thermal Alliance (RTA) offers views on updates to a clean-energy source six feet from where most of us sit. A public-private partnership initiated by New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA), the Connecticut Green Bank, and Yale University, the RTA serves more than 300 individual stakeholders throughout the United States. The Alliance will soon announce its 2019 Innovation Grant recipients. Each one earned $15,000 to work on ways to make heat pumps and other renewable sources of heat more popular. Two webinars in April...
Ken Gillingham

Kenneth Gillingham, Associate Professor of Economics at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

CBEYond the Moment: Ken Gillingham

How can we shine a light on the smart choices for the long term in this confusing moment? Among other things, we can strike up conversation within our community. While most of us work from home and hang back from the ways we'd normally convene, we'll be sharing more insights from across the CBEY network. Here, economist Ken Gillingham lays out what the oil shock might mean for solar markets' progress- and how that progress can persevere.

Climate-Friendly Banking Might Be a Risky Thing

"As part of Europe’s promise to become the first 'climate-neutral' continent by 2050, the region is emerging as a leader in creating standards for green investments. But the push to get its banks to back sustainable assets needs careful scrutiny."

Why We Need Finance to Fight Climate Change

"There won’t be a transition to clean energy without a way to finance what could be the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken. Green banks — purpose-built financial institutions that facilitate funding of clean-energy projects — aim to lead the way."