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Batteries vs. Blackouts: 1,100 Homes Powered Through Vermont Outage With Storage

A major rain and wind storm struck the state at the close of October, knocking out power to some 115,000 customers. Among those affected, 1,100 homes managed to keep the lights on thanks to pilot programs specifically designed to promote resilient backup power with energy storage.
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Vehicle-to-Grid Technology Is Revving Up

Utilities are eyeing vehicle-to-grid technology as a way to help fortify the grid and reduce operating costs while meeting renewable-energy goals, making use of the batteries in vehicles that spend more than 90% of their lives off the road and unused.

Opportunity Zones Could Boost Clean Energy

Opportunity zones, part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, allow investors to place their capital gains in legally established funds for projects in economically distressed areas defined by the federal government. A secondary attribute, appealing to clean energy developers, is that opportunity zone funds can be used for solar, microgrids, electric vehicle charging stations and energy storage.

Europe’s Storage Market Set to Grow, Along With Merchant Risk

Europe’s energy storage sector is on the cusp of big new opportunities, but first, it will need to get comfortable with merchant risk. Large-scale systems are seeing new potential revenue streams at the EU level and in some markets at the national level as well. But exploiting such opportunities will require navigating increased risks, said Rory McCarthy, senior storage analyst at Wood Mackenzie.
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Los Angeles Has Lined Up Record-Cheap Solar Power. But There’s a Problem

Los Angeles has been sitting on a contract for record-cheap solar power for more than a month — and city officials declined to approve it because of concerns raised by the city-run utility’s labor union, which is still fuming over Mayor Eric Garcetti’s decision to shut down three gas-fired power plants.