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India Reportedly Considering Waiving Carbon Tax on Coal

As Germany shuttered another of its nuclear power plants on New Year’s Day, the office of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi was said to be considering a proposal which would make coal more competitive with renewables in one of the world’s worst polluting nations.
Joe Indvik

Joe Indvik

Policy Memo: Establishing a National Energy Benchmarking Standard for Commercial Buildings

To capture the energy efficiency opportunity across the U.S. economy, the House Energy and Commerce Committee should introduce a bill to establish a national energy benchmarking standard for commercial buildings. Building on the success of local ordinances, the proposed bill would create a national requirement while giving state and local governments the option to maintain more aggressive requirements if they desire.
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Ohio Supreme Court Dismisses Power Plant Lawsuit

The Ohio Supreme Court threw out FirstEnergy Solutions’ lawsuit arguing that the recently enacted law bailing out its two nuclear power plants on Lake Erie cannot be subjected to voter referendum.

How States Are Leading on Climate Action

"In Washington and many other states, we are using innovation and cooperation to grow jobs and protect the planet. As Washington’s governor, I know firsthand the obstacles states face when they respond to increasingly devastating floods, wildfires, and earthquakes, and other catastrophes made worse by a changing climate."