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A New EV Horizon: Insights from Shenzhen’s Path to Global Leadership in Electric Logistics Vehicles

"In this report, we explore Shenzhen’s experience in the deployment of electric urban delivery vehicles and take on one of the most important questions to accelerating adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in urban delivery: How to effectively provide them with charging infrastructure? To answer that question, this report uses a unique data set with complete driving records of over 10,000 electric delivery vehicles in the city of Shenzhen, supplemented by dozens of interviews with the companies that own and operate those vehicles."

Columbia Global Energy Dialogue: Prospects for Global Truck Electrification and Autonomy and New Delivery Models

This workshop explored the potential of electrification in reducing oil consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants in trucks. Given the larger size and greater distances traveled by medium- and heavy-duty trucks versus passenger vehicles, and the higher cost and weight of the batteries than of conventional engines, it will likely be more challenging to electrify large trucks than light-duty vehicles.
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Is California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Incentivizing Electric Vehicle Deployment?

Research on California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard program suggests the LCFS program design of capacity-based credits has the potential to increase EV deployment, but that some unanswered questions need to be addressed before the point-of-sale rebate program can do the same.
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Strategic Electrification: A Potential Pathway for Load Growth and Decarbonization

What is strategic electrification? Why is it an important topic for clean energy stakeholders and how can they capitalize on this trend? In this interview, William Tokash, a senior analyst for Navigant Research, provides some insights into his recent publication on the concept, and its future path of growth and technological development.