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Can Three "S"s Stop an SOS?

This April 20 release from the federal lab discusses a partnership with rural electric cooperatives to unleash data for routing power where it's needed in the face of an outage.
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Let's Define Our Terms

This February 23 primer breaks down what community solar means (and can mean).
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Keep It, But Keep It in the Ground?

A July 8 feature details how a Southern California town runs on oil - and how investments to run on livable fuels sorely need to explain their economic knock-on effects.
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The Net-Net Looks Like a Mess-Mess

This March 31 analysis looks at squabbles with utilities over who bears the transmission cost when more people generate their own clean power. It focuses on Florida and California.

Colorado Quick Data

Energy Efficiency:
Source: ACEEE
Score 6.00 / 9
Score 9.50 / 20
Score 7.50 / 12
Source: DSIRE
Energy Efficiency Programs:
99 Incentives and Policies
Solar Power:
Source: DSIRE
Renewable Energy Programs:
69 Incentives and Policies
Solar Energy Programs:
52 Incentives and Policies
Source: YPCCC

of people in Colorado support funding research into renewable energy sources in 2020.

(+1 of the national average)
(est. 3,692,856 of 4,271,322 adults)

last updated 8/31/2021

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