Elwin Lim

Elwin Lim
Yale School of the Environment, Master of Environmental Management, 2022

Elwin Lim is a Singaporean who brings a diverse range of experiences and skills towards advancing a just clean energy transition. With a background in research ranging from climate targets and solutions to clean energy policy and workforce development, and experience with climate organizing, he hopes to bring a robust combination of quantitative and qualitative skills, and an attentiveness toon-the-ground concerns. He believes that with concurrent developments in economics, policy, and community organizing, a more just energy future is necessary, feasible, and increasingly likely.

Authored Articles
Can Clean Peak Standards brighten the view in this part of Brooklyn?

Activists in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood have explored whether Clean Peak Standards can address air quality and energy inequity. (Photo by Victoria Belanger via Flickr Creative Commons.) 

Explainer: Can Clean Peak Standards Make Energy Economics Meet Energy Justice?

One state has tried requiring power at peak demand periods to come from clean sources. This mandate can improve air quality in low-income communities. Critics question its effect on emissions, though, and its optimal design as clean-energy storage for utilities evolves.