Abhilasha Purwar

Chief Air Pollution Fighter at Blue Sky Analytics
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Master of Environmental Management, 2017
Conservation Finance Network Clean Energy Finance Forum

Abhilasha Purwar is currently the Chief Air Pollution Fighter at Blue Sky Analytics, which is building India Environmental Data Stack using Geospatial & IoT datasets. Blue Sky aims to provide high resolution, high scale, dynamic quantification of key environmental indicators starting with Air Pollution. Blue Sky's current app, BreeZo is now available. Prior to joining Blue Sky Analytics, Abhilasha worked in enterprise business development at WeWork India and as an Associate at GoldenSet Partners in Connecticut. 

Abhilasha graduated with a Masters of Environmental Management from Yale University in 2017. She is interested in energy and infrastructure finance (particularly in emerging economies). Previously, she worked in the United States, India, Ireland and Ghana in solar business development, economics and policy consulting, oil and gas, and nanotechnology research. She holds a B.Tech in Applied Chemistry from IIT-BHU. She is an aspiring yoga teacher and enjoys hiking, biking and backpacking.

Authored Articles
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Connecticut Green Bank Uses Award to Spark Outreach

The performance of the Connecticut shows clean energy can be economically lucrative and make good business sense. As a result of these accomplishments, the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation has selected the bank from 500 applicants for the 2017 Innovation in American Government Award. A public...
Sao Paulo, Brazil

IDB Aims to Catalyze Energy Efficiency in Latin America

The global financing market for energy efficiency projects is facing many hurdles, according to Esteban Suárez, a representative of the Energy Savings Insurance Team at Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). These include asymmetric distribution of information, absence of standardized financing instruments, misinformation about potential obstacles, and a lack of risk insurance.
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Jigar Shah Suggests Next Steps for the Solar Industry

What do the new year and new administration mean for the solar industry? What effects will emerge from the SunEdison bankruptcy and the SolarCity-Tesla merger? In this interview, Jigar Shah, founder and former CEO of SunEdison, provided his proactive perspective on current trends. He also expressed his viewpoint on the...
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Digitizing Energy Systems for Sustainability

Energy technology trends move fast. The market for digital solutions to advance energy efficiency and solar power is growing. Two buzzwords at the beginning of 2017 are ‘big data’ and ‘ (IoT).’ Data, analytics and computing today have the muscle power to revolutionize global energy systems. So do...

Can Venture Capital Fuel Cleantech?

A July report by MIT Energy Initiative, “Venture and Cleantech: The Wrong Model for Clean Energy Innovation,” has compared the performance of venture capital (VC) in the software, medical and cleantech sectors. The results showed VC is not the right model for investments in the cleantech sector. Public funding...