Rachel Bitutsky

Rachel Bitutsky
Yale University, Yale College, 2023

Rachel Bitutsky is a junior in Timothy Dwight College majoring in economics and history and pursuing a certificate in energy studies. At CBEY, Rachel writes for the Clean Energy Finance Forum. She is interested in ESG, the energy transition, and how the virtues of stewardship contribute to human flourishing. On campus, Rachel can be found debating with her Yale Political Union party or dancing with the university's ballet company.


Authored Articles
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(Photo by Greg Dunlap, via Flickr Creative Commons.) Ratings of Chevron, and other companies whose fortunes float on the energy transition, can leave asset managers feeling lost at sea. 

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As ESG becomes an increasingly popular investing strategy, questions about better standardization arise. Ideally, ratings agencies would use objective criteria. Some frameworks are emerging that emphasize transparency and context.