Pratima Garg

Pratima Garg
Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale, Master of Public Policy, 2023

Pratima is a first-year candidate pursuing Public Policy with a focus on clean energy and access.  At CBEY, she works as the Coordinator of Planetary Solutions Generator and as a writer for the Clean Energy Finance Forum.  Previously, she has worked with a Member of Parliament in India and has experience working with the government to implement state-wide programs. Recently she helped build Rocket Learning, an ed-tech startup focused on pre-primary education.  Pratima is interested in exploring how innovation in the private sector can be combined with the scale of the government to move towards a cleaner future.  You can find her doing classical dance, hiking, travel blogging, and watching documentaries in her free time.

Authored Articles
These sure look trustworthy. Or antiquated. Or both.

(Photo by Oran Viriyincy via Flickr Creative Commons.) Where can the 20th Century grid consistently carry 21st Century energy across regional lines? 

Explainer: What Are Grid Interconnections And What Complicates Them?

To someone facing a wildfire in California or bunking in a shelter after a flood in Louisiana, what does power supply from a far corner of the country have to do with survival? Quite a bit, as this tale of grid interconnection will show. Connections of supply from one electric...