Mike Novello

Mike Novello
Yale School of the Environment, FDCE, 2022

Mike graduated from Dartmouth College in 1999 with High Honors, earning a degree in Biology. In 2003 he received a MBA from the Lally School at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, focusing on Renewable Energy technologies and policy. From 2003-2007 he worked with GE Energy in solar (formerly Astropower) and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle divisions.

Since 2007 he has worked as the Renewable Energy Analyst for Wagner Forest Management, one of the largest private timberland mangers in North America. During this time he has overseen the development, financing, construction, and operations of the Record Hill Wind Farm, in Roxbury, ME. During Mike’s tenure at Wagner, over 7 million MWh of pollution free electricity has been developed and generated on Wagner managed lands. Mike is currently working on carbon abatement, sequestration, and destruction initiatives.

Authored Articles
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