Matt Jordan

Matt Jordan

Matt Jordan is a co-founder and principal of Propel Clean Energy Partners, a boutique advisory services firm dedicated to helping global public, private and civil society organizations make impact against climate change and energy poverty. Prior to Propel, Matt conceived, built, and directed CLASP’s Clean Energy Access portfolio, an integrated suite of programs using energy efficiency to accelerate solutions to global energy poverty. He has more than 15 years' experience in clean energy program development and leadership, stakeholder activation and campaign management, research and analysis, and strategic communications.

Authored Articles
A power plant in Ohio (photo by Neal Wellons via Flickr Creative Commons)

(Photo by Neal Wellons via Flickr Creative Commons.) This power plant in Painesville, Ohio could come in for big changes if citizens there follow the author's advice. 

Policy Memo: Quick Wins Are Possible Via Community Choice Aggregation For Clean Energy

Community choice aggregation is an enabling policy, currently available in at least nine states, that lets even the smallest cities cost-effectively transition to clean energy. It gives a municipality’s residents and businesses the chance to take advantage of cost-competitive (and, more and more, money-saving) clean energy by creating negotiating leverage.