Jeffrey Schub

Jeffrey  Schub
Executive Director at Coalition for Green Capital
Yale School of Management, MBA, 2013
Coalition for Green Capital Financing and Deploying Clean Energy

Jeffrey Schub leads CGC’s business development and state-level consulting work. Jeffrey worked in New York in 2013 to develop the New York Business Plan, designing product structures and building financial models for the bank. He performs on-going consulting work for the Connecticut , providing analysis on the development of residential solar financial offerings. Jeffrey also serves on the Advisory Committee for the Maryland Clean Energy Center’s Green Bank study and is leading CGC’s engagement with Vermont.

Jeffrey also leads CGC’s partnership with the OECD to develop tools and information for nation-state Green Bank development. Jeffrey organized the Green Bank Academy, the first gathering of state officials from a dozen states to learn about Green Bank best practices. Jeffrey serves on the Advisory Board of the Clean Energy Finance Forum, a leading industry periodical. Prior to CGC, Jeffrey was an economic consultant at Analysis Group, focused on technology and innovation. He has worked as a Finance & Strategy Associate at Greenskies Renewable Energy, a solar developer, and as an operations consultant at EnerNOC. Jeffrey has an MBA from the Yale School of Management and BA from Brown University in Economics and Public Policy.

Authored Articles
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Working to build a strong support system for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy requires a collaborative approach with all hands on deck. In the rocky seas of this year’s federal and state climate and energy policy, state and local green banks are emerging as a potentially protective anchor that...