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Oil Giant BP Says It Will Cut Carbon Emissions to Net Zero by 2050

BP has become the biggest oil and gas company to promise to cut its carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. Bernard Looney, BP’s new chief executive, said that it was “no longer enough” to provide reliable and affordable energy, it had to be cleaner too.

Rigging the System Against Clean Energy

"In the latest attempt by the Trump administration to obstruct the clean energy transition and artificially revive a dying coal industry, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission — or FERC — has issued an order creating new rules that unfairly favor electricity from coal plants over cleaner and less costly alternatives."

Utilities Don't See Stranded Assets as a Top Risk. Should They?

Though 45% of utility employees surveyed in Utility Dive's 2020 State of the Electric Utility Survey see the transition's cost — including stranded assets — as a top risk for the sector, only 18% see generation retirements and stranded assets as a top concern and just 14% said stranded assets present a major challenge to a changing fuel mix.
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Microsoft to Invest $1 Billion in Carbon-Reduction Technology

Microsoft unveiled plans to invest $1 billion to back companies and organizations working on technologies to remove or reduce carbon from the earth’s atmosphere, saying efforts to merely emit less carbon aren’t enough to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Where Climate Meets Digital: Data Centers and Sustainability

In 2017 data centers in the U.S. alone used more than 90 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, equal to the output of 34 power plants of 500 megawatts (MW) each. If all those plants were coal-fired, they’d have pumped out over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide - more than 2% of the CO2 produced by the entire U.S. economy in 2018. As demand for data centers picks up, so do the pressures – environmental, financial and regulatory – to develop them in a sustainable way.
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Ohio Supreme Court Dismisses Power Plant Lawsuit

The Ohio Supreme Court threw out FirstEnergy Solutions’ lawsuit arguing that the recently enacted law bailing out its two nuclear power plants on Lake Erie cannot be subjected to voter referendum.
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Can a Big Oil Company Go Carbon-Free?

The Spanish oil giant Repsol SA has unveiled its goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. While a growing number of companies have pledged to reduce greenhouse gases from their operations, none has committed to eliminating them, until now.
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Development Bank Stops Giving Loans for Fossil Fuel Projects

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will cease lending for fossil fuel projects in two years, officials announced. The EIB board of directors adopted the plan after heated debate, with some countries objecting to the inclusion of natural gas in the lending ban.
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Cities Look to Natural Gas Bans to Curb Carbon Emissions

Cities in California and Massachusetts are advancing what has become the newest trend in the local fight against climate change: bans on natural gas hookups in new buildings.