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Tony DePrima's determined to lift fossil-free power standards in the First State.

Delaware energy leader Tony DePrima

As Solar and Efficiency Hold Steady, Delaware Aims to Up Renewables

Delaware consumes 100 times more energy than it produces, according to the Energy Information Administration, and gets 87% of its electricity from natural gas. The state’s renewables portfolio consists primarily of solar and biomass; a 120-megawatt offshore wind facility is expected to be online in 2022. CEFF spoke to Tony DePrima, executive director of the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DSEU), about the state’s clean energy landscape.
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Long Island Boosts Credit Offered to Community Solar Developers

New York’s Long Island Power Authority upped the incentives offered to community solar projects in its territory, providing some concessions to solar developers but ultimately falling short of what the industry said it needed to provide the certainty to finance projects there.
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IREC Grades All State Community Solar Programs and Only Gives Two A's

Seeking to help new states learn from existing programs, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) released its 2019 National Shared Renewables Scorecard — a reference tool for regulators, policymakers, developers and advocates seeking to better understand how programs stack up, relative to best practices and each other.
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Connecticut Towns Want Permission to Buy Clean Power on Behalf of Residents

A growing list of Connecticut towns want to play a bigger role in procuring clean energy, but first they need state lawmakers to give them the authority. Known as community choice aggregation, the model gives local governments the right to buy power on behalf of their residents, enabling them to focus on buying more renewable energy or lowering costs, or both.

PG&E’s Failures Are Spurring a Movement Toward Electric Cooperatives

If there’s a silver lining to the Pacific Gas & Electric Company disaster, it’s that — in the midst of filing for bankruptcy — it has opened up the space for conversations about alternatives. And perhaps one of the most interesting of these conversations is based on the idea of transforming the utility into a network of cooperatives: utilities owned and managed by the ratepayers themselves.
Susan Glickman

Susan Glickman / Bob Howard / CC BY-NC 2.0

Florida Battles to Create a Clean Energy Policy Framework

In this interview, Susan Glickman, Florida director for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, discusses the status of clean energy development in the state. Glickman lays out policy battles over renewable portfolio and energy efficiency standards, the state’s history of natural gas consumption, growth in utility solar programs, and an effort to deregulate the state’s utility industry.
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Low-Income Kentucky Families Get Shares in Solar Field

Louisville Gas and Electric's solar share program allows ratepayers to purchase a share of a large solar field and get a credit on their utility bills for the solar energy the share generates, WKYU-FM reports.