Zach Denny

Zach Denny
Sr Sustainable Finance Associate, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Yale University, FDCE, 2022

Zach Denny, part of 2022's Financing and Deploying Clean Energy cohort, works in sustainable finance at JP Morgan & Co. in New York. 

Authored Articles
A (very) old technology for transmission still holds in parts of South Carolina and other states.

(Photo by overWHAMmed, from Flickr Creative Commons). This transmission line in Pelzer, SC, testifies to the market potential for investment in new high-voltage lines. 

Policy Memo: Senators, Jolt Capital Via a Transmission Investment Tax Credit

Can transmission of clean energy become more competitive and more ambitious with a federal tax credit? The author, a sustainable finance professional, argues on a bipartisan basis that it can and that transmission tax credits will tap a multibillion-dollar pipeline of ready projects.