Nikolaas (Niko) Dietsch

Nikolaas (Niko) Dietsch
Energy & Climate Consultant,

Niko is an energetic problem-solver with 15+ years of experience working at the leading edge of clean energy and climate change policy at all levels of U.S. government and across key sectors. Adept at applying analytic, communications, and project management skills to help successful organizations plan for and achieve their clean energy and climate goals. Committed to accelerating a low-carbon economy that improves the lives of all people.

As a Senior Advisor at U.S. EPA, Niko designed and built high-profile clean energy, climate change, and air quality programs for the federal government. This includes working in a team to establish – for the first time – national carbon limits for the power sector.  Helped drive policy innovation within EPA, establishing a new program to help states and cities quantify renewable and energy efficiency impacts and "count" them in Clean Air Act (CAA) plans.

After leaving the EPA and moving to Mexico City in mid-2019 on assignment.  Niko worked independently in Mexico to help a local company finance the purchase of electric taxis, and with a U.S. national laboratory to enhance building energy codes in Mexican cities. Niko is currently helping to lead solar and cleantech projects with the U.S. Agency for International Development's (U.S. AID) Power Africa initiative, while serving as an elected pro-bono member of the Town of Cape Elizabeth's Energy Committee.

Niko is committed to helping organizations and companies plan and execute high-impact clean energy and climate change initiatives.

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